Alhamdulillah, Unofficially Married!


Fuh. Tarik nafas dalam sampai ke jantung nak buat entry ni. After a few years, I want to publish about my own life.

Alhamdulillah, on 12th June 2015, I am unofficially 'married' with my Bachelor of Corporate Administration and Relation with Hons at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia after finish my internship program at Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja at Ipoh branch.

Yes. It is my 'partner' because it takes 4 years to finish it. It has many challengers and experiences. So, it same goes to partner in loving couple isn't it? Kehkeh.

It was really fantastic when I did my internship program there. For me, I achieved my target because at there I was given a few tasks and challenging. So, I don't think so that I just waste my 20 weeks at there. It's also reasonable because you got the allowances. A big amount for student. So, if you get their offer, just grab it. Believe me. It is so berbaloi-baloi.

That was not the main point. This entry is a special post. I want to thank to my beloved friends while I am doing my internship there. They are Ain Mn, first people I talked to. Did her internship with me. Same section at the same table. Ain k, as my fast and furious in salam at 5 o'clock. People always getting confuse with our face. I don't know why because braces and specky are really different. And Syafi (mama to be), my annoy partner. Yes, she is really annoying. Just imagine, in a month worked there, she has involved in a big crisis with the man staff. Kahkah.

It soooo unbelievable that I can have my friends there. Nope. I mean, my really good friends. They understand me, make me laughed and always taking care of me. And I know, they love me more :) For my last day, they are trying hard to make me cry but emmmm such a big ego in myself. So, you all is kenod. Hahaha.

Btw, thank you.
Saje tak nak buat cliƧhe acah-acah tulis panjang kat Stegram. Lepas tu bajet matsalleh kejap. Kahkah.

Pape pun, aku harap bila students search pengalaman latihan industri di Kwsp, maka akan keluar lah post aku ni on one of them. Aminnnn. Kah.

Korang, mekasihhh... Terharu. Tapi, tak tahu nak cakap thanks macam mana. Hopefully, kita semua berjaya tau. InsyaAllah :) Just appriaciate whatever happens because one day there'll someone who is appriciate you more...

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Lea IsNawi said…
tahniah :)
Awwww.. so sweet u! May u success in ur life sis and keep writing muahhh xoxo
Lutfi Azmi said…
Tahniah kak fya
Allowance dia berapa eh