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Tips: Phone Interview

Olla! Saje nak share tips ni sikit. Rata-rata fresh graduate pun tengah berusaha gigih cari kerja kan? So, rasanya tips ni pun sesuai untuk dikongsikan. Lelebih lagi, zaman sekarang makin maju. Semua nak buat, nak yang senang je. Resume pun hantar pakai WhatsApp je wehhh. HAHA. Okayyy lah. Korang boleh hadam bebaik ye tips ni. Maap lah. Kopipes je. Terasa kurang rajin nak translate. HEHE. So, enjoyyy your reading :) __________________________________________________________Trying to prove your mettle during a 30-minute interview is hard enough as we well know. Trying to achieve the same effect over a 30 minute telephone interview is another ballgame altogether. 

The advantages you can leverage through a freshly pressed suit, a brilliant Colgate smile or a firm handshake are no longer available. You are now challenged to convey the very same effects via the tone of your voice, content of your speech and the cadence of your answers. No mean feat. 

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