Goal of The Year: FIFA Puskás Award 2014 - Robin van Persie!

It's that time of year again, when you get to cast your vote for the FIFA Puskas Award. We have finished whittling the thousands of goals from around the world between 3 October 2013 and 26 September 2014 down to just ten. Now you have an even tougher challenge – choosing just one which you believe is worthy of succeeding Zlatan Ibrahimovic's stunning effort that scooped the 2013 award. Find out on 1 December to see if it makes the final three.



Korang faham je, kannn? Semua bijak belaka. Hiks. So, moh lah kita pilih siapa yang layak before 1st December 2014 bagi menggantikan arwah award Zlatan Ibrahimovic tahun lepas. Lulz. Nampaknya, semua calon tak lah famous mana. Aku nasihatkan, tak payah lah vote for Diego Costa since he was leave his former club at La Liga.


Ke Robin van Persie ke Kita? Ngeee...